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Slime!!! by Brant Essam

All the fun of making slime but without the mess! Mix and match slime ingredients to make many different types of slime! Or play the new bucket challenge mode where you have to catch falling slime as fast as possible! It's like two games in one!

After you've made your slime, you can sell it for coins - try different ingredients to see what sells for the most! Once you get 100 coins you can spin the slime wheel to unlock more dyes and glitter!

What you choose will change the slime you play with - make sure you add the right amount of mixers and activator for that perfect stretchy slime!

Steps to make the slime:

Choose your glue

- White Glue

- Clear Glue

The more glue you add, the bigger the slime will be.

Choose your dye (color)

- Red

- Blue

- Yellow

- Neon Green

- Neon Aqua

- Neon Orange

- Metallic Pink

- Metallic Purple

- Metallic Gold

You can mix these to create different colors, such as green slime, purple slime, orange slime and pink slime.

Add any mixers you want

- Foam Soap

- Shaving Cream

- Water

- Clay

Choose your glitter

- Red Glitter

- Blue Glitter

- Yellow Glitter

- Green Glitter

- Orange Glitter

- Pink Glitter

- Purple Glitter

- Brown Glitter

- White Glitter

- Black Glitter

Choose your activator

- Borax

- Laundry Detergent

- Baking Soda & Contact Lens

- Magical Liquid

Now play with it by stretching, twisting and inflating it!

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