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Discover the mystery of Nonogram! Solve the logic number puzzles with simple rules and challenging solutions to uncover the picture!

Reveal hidden images on the board based on the numbers lined up in both directions!

Take the challenge and train your brain NOW!

Start with the basic rules and logic behind the Picture cross puzzle.

• Choose the difficulty level that is best for you

• Color the squares and reveal the hidden picture

• Use clues and numbers to uncover the hidden picture

• Numbers above the column are read from top-to-bottom

• Numbers to the left of the rows are read from left-to-right

• If you have figured out that the square should not be darkened, mark it with an X

• Get extra lives if you’ve made a mistake

• Easy to learn and quite addictive once you start playing

Challenge yourself and enjoy hours of fun with logic number puzzles! - Griddlers Game Cheats Online – Sabotage Hack - Griddlers Game Hack Tool - Griddlers Game Hack Tool

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